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Nick Cave - Papa Won't Leave You, Henry

Well,this one is in the key of F but is played with a Capo at
the first fret as far as I can gather.




You can get the rhythm from the record. bssically you play the
top chord above (an Fm) and just slide your 4th finger up one
fret and back down again in time with the record.


Fm (same pattern as intro)

I went out walking the other day
The wind hung wet around my neck
My head it rung with screams and groans
From the night I spent amongst her bones
I past beside the mission house
Where that mad old buzzard, the reverend,
Shrieked and flapped about life after your dead
Well, I thought about my friend, Michel
How they rolled him in linoleum
And shot him in the neck
A bloody halo, like a think-bubble
Circling his head
And I bellowed at the firmament

Looks like the rains are hear to stay
And the rain pissed down upon me

           Bb G#  G   Fm
And washed me all a - way

Papa won't leave you, Henry
Papa won't leave you, Boy
Papa won't leave you, Henry
Papa won't leave you, Boy
Well, the road is long
And the road is hard

And many fall by the side
But Papa won't leave you, Henry

          C    Bb  G#  G  Fm
So there ain't no need to cry

And I went on down the road
He went on down the road
And I went on down the road
He went on down the road

Repeat above for second verse/chorus


(at the end of various phrases in this bit Blixa plays two notes
Bb (3rd string 5th fret) and G# (4th string 6th fret). He puts a
lot of vibrato on both notes. You can slot them in where

And I came upon a little house
A little house upon a hill
And I entered through, the curtain hissed
Into the house with its blood-red bowels
Where wet-lipped women with greasy fists
Crawled the ceilings and the walls
They filled me full of drink
And led me round the rooms
Naked and cold and grinning
Until everything went black
And I came down spinning
I awoke so drunk and full of rage
That I could hardly speak
A fag in a whale-bone corset
Draping his dick across my cheek
And its into the shame
And its into a guilt
And its into the fucking fray
And the walls ran red around me
A warm arterial spray
Papa won't leave you, Henry
Papa won't leave you, Boy
Papa won't leave you, Henry
Papa won't leave you, Boy
Well, the night is dark
And the night is deep
And its jaws are open wide
But Papa won't leave you, Henry
So there ain't no need to cry

Repeat verse/chorus structure over the last verse/chorus.




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