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Cohen Leonard - Story of Isaac


Am/f:  102210

Intro: Am

"This is a song called The Story of Isaac."
"And it's about those who would sacrifice one generation on behalf of another."

           Am              Am/f
Well, the door it opened slowly
    Am            Am/f
My father he came in
       G    F    E
I was nine years old
         Am            Am/f
And he stood so tall above me
      Am                  Am/f
His blue eyes they were shining
         G         F    E
And his voice was very cold
He said, "I've had a vision

And you know I'm strong and holy
        D      Am         B
I must do what I've been told."
        F             Bb
So we started up the mountain
       F               Bb
I was running, he was walking
        F   G                    A      Am
And his axe was made of burning gold

Well, the trees they got much smaller
Yes, the lake was like a lady's mirror
When we stopped to drink some wine
Then he threw the bottle over
Broke a minute later
And he put his hand on mine
Thought I saw an eagle
But it might have been a vulture
I never could decide
Then my father built an altar
He looked once behind his shoulder
I guess he knew I would not hide

You who build these altars now
To sacrifice our children
You must not do it anymore
A scheme is not a vision
And you never have been tempted
By a demon or a god
You who stand above them now
Your hatchets blunt and bloody
Ah you were not there before
When I lay upon a mountain
And my father's hand was trembling
With the beauty, I mean the beauty of the word

And if you call me brother now
Forgive me but I must inquire
"Just according to whose plan?"
When it all comes down to dust
I will kill you if I must
I will help you if I can
When it all comes down to dust
I will help you if I must
I will kill you if I can
And mercy, mercy on our uniform
Man of peace, man of war




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