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Pink Floyd - The Trial

It's stupid to try to play this tune without an orchestra! but
I guess I'm not the only stupid guy on heart, so Ok, play it
for example on a synth
(strings are good, power strings are better).
I sometimes play it on organs, but I play it mainly on piano,
and that works pretty well!
Some can try to play it with guitar/Bass
/Drums, It sure can do the job.
I recently started to learn accordion,
you couldn't believe how nice it sounds on that thing!

What's that thing? Well, we all saw .CRD files with just chords
& lyrics, Ok, fine, but that's not enough here,
'cause strings are
playing a melody wich is different from the vocal one, I believe
that this part definitly IS the song,
so I tried to indicate it here.
How does it works? It's quite simple: there's 3 lines
  strings melody                  & '' is the bar line
In melody:
n means nOPE, nO note, at least with the right hand,
play 1st or 5th with left hand instead.
- means Let ring.
+ means play this note an octave higher (all is played between
F & E) L.H. means that this prt of melody is played by left hand

How do I play it? It's pretty simple again:
  the left hand is for the bass line:
    alternate 1st & 5th of each chord + chromatics
  the right hand is for the melody:
   indicated notes + thumb playing any note of the actual chord,
    1st mainly but it can be any.
Let's take a closer look at the beginning:

             B  Bb B     B  Bb B    B  Bb B  C  B  A  G
Right hand:  -  E  E     -  E  E     -  E  E     E     E
Left  hand:  E     B     E     B     E     B     E     B

      Well, that's a simplification but you can see what I mean.

I've seen .CRDs with the tune in Fm, I've written it as Em, as
it's the way I'm playing it and it's much more floydian (think
of WYWH, Welcome.., Atom Heart Mother, ..Turning away, Pigs,
among others). If that bothers you, translate, retune your
synth or put a capo on your piano!

       [intro is the first two lines repeated]
Em                               Em
n B    Bb B    n    B    Bb B   n  B   Bb    B    C    B  A    G
 Good morning worm your honour,  The crown will plainly show the
F                                  F
n    C   B   C   n      C B    B   n  C   B      C   D  C   D  C
prisoner who now stands before you was caught red handed showing
Em                             Em   (melody octave up this bar)
n  B  Bb  B    n  B  Bb  B     E  B+    B    D  E   -   E D
feelings...          Sho-wing feelings of an almost    human
C                               B7           ...  N.C.      L.H.
C-   G  F  G  n  G   F    C   B - A - F# - ... [Quick: B A G F#]
nature...       This will not do!       (Call the schoolmaster!)
Em                             Em
n B Bb B    n    B    Bb   B   n  B   Bb   B C   B    A G  ( If
I al-ways said hed come to no good In the end your honour(they'd
F#                               Em7                       L.H.
n   C# C    C# D   C# C     C#   D    -    C#  - B  - [n E F F#]
let me have my way I  could Have flayed him into shape
G                               G#-
n   C# B     C#   D    C# B C#  n   C#   B    C#  D    C# B   C#
But my hands were tied   The bleeding hearts and artists Let him
D/A                             D          L.H.
F#  F# F#  F#   G  F#   E   F# [ D D#   E   F F# G G# A ]
get a- way with murder, Let me   hammer him today

Em                                 B
Bb - B  - Bb   B  C   B A   G  A   Bb - B - Bb B  C   B A G F#
Cra- zy   toys in the attic I  am cra- zy, truly gone  fi- shing
F#m         D                         D#-                 half
C# C# C# C# D      D         D     D   D#      D# D# D# <- size
              They must have taken my marbles away       bar!
Em                                 B                  L.H.
Bb - B  - Bb   B  C   B A   G  A   Bb - B  -      [ F#  D# B - ]
Cra- zy   toys in the attic He is cra- zy...

       (call the defendant's wife)

(Second verse, Only bars wich are differents from 1st verse are
indicated. Caution: Baa-aabe lines are notated one bar per line,
while everything else is two bars/line, that's because the
chromatics are twice as fast as any other part of the melody)

You little shit, you're in it now, I hope they thrown away the
key! You should have talked to me more often
Than you did, but no: you
had to go your own way. Have you broken any homes up lately?
"Just five minutes Worm your honour, him and me alone..."
B   Bb  A   Ab  G   Gb  F   E   Eb  D   Db  C   B   Bb  A   Ab
G   Gb  F   E   Eb  D   Db  C   B   Bb  A   Ab  G   Gb  F   E
F#m            F#           Bm       F#    Bm          L.H.
n    C# A C#   n C# A#  C#   B    B   A# A# B-    [ F# D    F# ]
Come to mother baby let me   hold you In my arms
 M'lud I never wanted him to get in any trouble
 Why'd he ever have to leave me,
 Worm your honour let me take him home

 Crazy over the rainbow I am crazy, Bars in the window
 There must have been a door there in the wall When I came in!
 Crazy over the rainbow he is cra---zy

(3rd verse: just 4 bars repeated ad infinitum, I give you my own
 coda, nothing interesting, it's just that you need to end at a
 time, and sometimes, you just don't have time to wait the
 crumbling of the nearest wall)

Em                               Em
E B* F#    G E    F#  -     G   E B* F# G  E  F#     G
e-vi-dence before the court is     incon-travertable, there's
Am                               Am
A  E*   B   C   A  B   - C       A  E*   B   C   A  B   - C
no need for the ju-ry to retire                          in

 all my years of judging I have never heard before  of
 Someone more deserving the full penalty of law! The
 way you made them suffer your exquisite wife and mother
 Fills me with the urge to defecate
 Since, my friend, you have revealed your Deepest fear, I
 sentence you to be exposed before your peers!

         Tear down the wall!

-the mine coda of me that i've made myself
Em                               Em
E B* F#    G E    F#  -     G   E B* F# G  E  F#     G
Tear down the wall!
Am                               Am
A  E*   B   C   A  B   - C       A   E*   B   C   A   B   C   D
Tear down the wall!

 *: thumb played note, to hehance the melody. I do not play
    chords on this part, I just play octaved (thumb and little
    finger) melody (except those *-marked notes) with left
    hand, while the right one plays it entirely.
    It goes like that:

            E     F# G  E  F# - G   E     F# G  E  F# - G
Right hand:     B  B  B  B  B  - -      B  B  B  B  B  - -
Left  hand:  E     F# G  E  F# - G   E     F# G  E  F# - G
            E     F# G  E  F# - G   E     F# G  E  F# - G
A.Left hand: E     B     E     B     E     B     E     B

Two Suns In The Sunset

D  A  G  A  D

D                          G                   A
In my rear view mirror the sun is going down,
D                             G       A   D
Sinking behind bridges in the road
     G                     A
And I think of all the good things
    D       A      G
That we have left undone
D/F#  Em
And I suffer premonitions,
Confirm suspicions,
Em                  A   D A G A
Of the holocaust to come.

The wire that holds the cork
    G                   A
That keeps the anger in,
Gives way
                 G           A D
And suddenly it's day again.
   G                A
The sun is in the east
    D          A      G     D/F#
Even though the day is done.
Two suns in the sunset
Em                         A
Could be the human race is run.

A  D  A  G  A  D  A  G  A  D

Bm                              A
Like the moment when the brakes lock

And you slide towards the big truck
   G                  A                 D
You stretch the frozen moments with your fear.
Bm                              A
And you'll never hear their voices,
And you'll never see their faces,
G           A                   D    A
You have no recourse to the law anymore.

G  A  D  A  G  A  D

And as the windshield melts
G                    A
My tears eveaporate,
D                          G   A D
Leaving only charcoal to defend.
G           A            D        A      G   D/F#
Finally I understand the feelings of the few.
Ashes and diamonds,
Foe and friend,
Em                       A
We were all equal in the end.

D  A  G  A  D  A  G  A




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